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Who Are Sefton's YAs?

What is a Young Advisor?

Young Advisors are young people aged between 15-22 who work in partnership with community leaders and decision makers to enable the voices of young people to be heard in community life.

Young Advisors are trained and employed agents of social action. Their role is to guide and support local organisations– local authorities, housing associations, CCGs, the voluntary, community and faith sector and other local partners - on what it is like for a young person to live, work, learn and play in their neighbourhood.

They speak out for young people, making sure their thoughts and feelings are considered in decisions that affect them, and work closely with adults to support them on how to best engage with young people.

In Sefton, the team of Young Advisors is commissioned by organisations across the borough to support them to better engage with, and involve, young people. We make sure young people are being given the chance to be involved in decision making and influencing change.

Our skills are guided by the direct experience of being a young person in today’s rapidly changing world and our innovative new ideas take services to a new level of engagement.

So who are Sefton's Young Advisors?

Sefton Young Advisor Team

Shannon Bryan

ShannonI'm Shannon, I live in Litherland in the South of Sefton.
I wanted to become a Young Advisor so I could encourage young people to get more involved in developing their local area. I also wanted to be able to create more opportunities for young people. Being actively involved in the decision making process and having the ability to influence a change is something I really enjoy being a part of and it's something that I take seriously.
I've created multiple films that bring to light issues that are not talked about enough which is something I am really passionate about as I am a Television Production Management student. I sit on decision making boards, run workshops and consultations, am a mentor on the Buddy Up Project and I am able to meet amazing people and be a part of projects that are changing Sefton for the better. I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way and being part of a team of young people who really care and take pride in what they're doing is an incredible thing.
My hope for the future is to graduate with a BA and study a MA in International Relations. This will prepare me for my future career that I hope to have working for the United Nations.

Rebecca Withey

Rebbeca Withey Sefton Young AdvisorHi, I’m Rebecca, and I’ve been part of Sefton Young Advisors since July 2014. This role has enabled me to learn more about fantastic community programmes that I had never even heard of before, such as Buddy Up and Shout It Out Sefton. More than this, though, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some fantastic young people, colleagues and commissioners who have given me totally new perspectives, and I’ve gained some valuable work experience through performing service appraisal, meeting with commissioners, writing reports, chairing team meetings and leading projects. There are so many great parts to the job, but the opportunity to take on projects in areas that you’re really passionate about is definitely one of the best, as well as having such a fantastic team to work on the projects with.

Eleanor Gleeson

GleesonHi I’m Eleanor, I’m from Maghull, and became a Young Advisor in 2014. I wanted to become a Young Advisor because I believe young people’s role in society is undervalued and we are negatively stereotyped by the media. I am passionate about making sure young people are represented and last November I was lucky enough to speak in the House of Commons about mental health. From being a Young Advisor I hope to gain new experiences, working with a variety of different people from all different backgrounds.

Alicia Fairclough

AliciaHi, my name is Alicia and I am from Crosby. I decided to become a Sefton Young Advisor as I am passionate about the promotion of youth voice and making a positive impact in the community. Since joining the team in August 2014 one of the most enjoyable moments I have experienced is when a few members of the team went across to Malmo, Sweden to take part in a knowledge exchange with an organisation called Brightful. I real passion of mine in the study of creative writing and English language, being a YA has allowed me to express this through being a part of the team that set up the ‘Young Reporters’ scheme.

Ryan McCarthy

Ryan McCarthyHi, I’m Ryan McCarthy and I live in the centre of Sefton in Crosby and have been a Young Advisor since August 2014. I became a YA to make a change to local services in my area and to be able to give more young people a chance to say what they want to see in their community. I’ve been able to do this by visiting multiple services in the Sefton area in an attempt to get more young people like myself to visit them and enjoy them more. I hope to make more changes to Sefton in the future and to make a big impact in the borough. I can’t wait to see what amazing changes our group bring in the future!

Joel Leary

Joel Leary Sefton Young AdvisorHi, my name’s Joel and I’m from Crosby, Central Sefton. I decided to become a YA because I could see things within the community that I wanted to be a part of, and a lot of things that I wanted to change and Young Advisors has given me plenty of opportunities to do so. I’m passionate about helping to channel the voice of young people in the borough, as I feel that they don’t have an adequate platform from which they can project their opinions on their own, and I’m especially passionate about solving the problem of homelessness within Sefton because I don’t believe that anybody should have to sleep on the streets. I’m excited to gain experience, learn new skills, and network with a diverse range of people.

Anna Quicler

AnnaSouthport, North Sefton
I wanted to become a YA to help communicate the youth voice and make a positive change in my area. I previously volunteered for Sefton CVS through the Buddy Up scheme as a mentor.
In the future I am hoping to become an Educational Psychologist and continued working as a YA. Being a YA will help me in the future as I have built up my communication and presentation skills and also have created some great links with Sefton CVS and beyond.
I really enjoy working on group projects such as, participant strategy events and youth voice events where all team members are involved and working together, it’s a fun way to work and they are always very successful.

Morgan Finnegan

MorganHello everyone, my name is Morgan Finnegan; I live in Crosby, central Sefton. I absolutely love networking and communicating with a vast range of diverse people! It is exciting and also fascinating to learn what people have to say about our community in which we have created. Young people across the Borough need to have their voices heard as the community’s future, is also theirs. My overall goal as a Young Advisor is to immerse myself within different projects and provoke an impact to only move upwards and onwards. As an art student aspiring to be an animator, I am allowed the opportunity to be creative and think outside the box to which I find amazing!

Jessie Taylor

JessieHi, I’m Jessie. I’m 17 and I live in Southport. I wanted to become a Young Advisor to be able to work in community settings to help improve society. I am hoping to get more involved with the team that supports young offenders to gain more experience and insight. This experience will support me in my dream to study criminal psychology in the future. Through my role as a Young Advisor I have been able to develop and support projects in areas that I’m interested in such as mental health and LGBTQ+. If I could have any superpower, it would be the power to shape shift.

Callum Jones

Photo of CallumHi, my name is Callum and I am from Southport. I joined the team in July 2016, I wanted to become a Sefton Young Advisor as I believe every young persons voice should be heard and accounted for. In the future I would like to go into the field of psychology and I believe working with a wide rage of people, which Young Advisors allows me to do, will help me in this. A piece of work that I enjoyed working on was the work around ‘Hate Crime Week’, the work allowed me to become more aware of the diversity of people and educate society around this sensitive subject.

Megan Grindle

Netherton – Central Sefton
I chose to become a YA as I have knowledge of issues within the community through previous work I have undertaken in the past within the Voluntary sector. I’m passionate about making a positive difference in my local community. An want to make an impact within Sefton now and also in the foreseeable future. I am hoping my role as a YA will help me do this. I want to be a positive role model for other young people to in Sefton and empower them to have a voice an get active in the community. Beyond being a YA I have the ambition to go to university next year to study an access course in youth & community work, this role will equip me with more experience and build upon my skills as well as gaining new ones to get onto the course.
If I could go on Holiday to any country in the world I would choose Africa - Tanzania as over there not many young people are in education and those who are don’t get taught much and end up dropping out due to the culture there. So I would like to go there and help get more young people into education and ensure they stick at it and teach them basic maths/English aswell as life skills to which would equip them in day to day life.

Maria Gowers

Hi, my names Maria. I’m a GCSE student attending Meols Cop, living in Southport. I am an aspiring lawyer and hope to attend law school after college. I wanted to become a young adviser as I was aware of how exceptional the YAs were and wished to be part of the team to help benefit mine and others lives.
In attending the Southport Area Committee meetings (which I really enjoy), it’s helped me to boost my confidence and build up contacts of people in my community , which will help me in the future – especially as I’m interested in law as its expanding my skills in debate.

Ellie Egerton-White

My name is Ellie. I live in Birkdale, in Southport. I wanted to become a YA because it looked like a really good opportunity that could positively affect my life whilst also trying to better others. I study at Greenbank high school and I have a keen interest in psychology and English and so after college I’m looking to study one of these subjects at ‘Oxbridge’.
I am very passionate about mental health and so doing work around this with young advisors is something I really enjoy and I feel like I can use my own personal experiences to allow my passion to flourish.
Just as extra info about myself, if I had to go to a desert island and I could take one book, album, film and celebrities, I’d take the novel: perks of being a wall flower, the album “the queen is dead by the smiths”, the film, “The Breakfast Club (directed by John Hughes) and the celeb would have to be Morrissey.